Saturday, August 25, 2007

Almost gone, again

I'm heading out to my permanent site on the Island of Janjanbureh (!) tomorrow, and I've put lots of pictures on flickr (link at right). Some text too. Enjoy!
I've got to be short here, but I think I'll have some internet access up country, so keep tuning in.
PS-I'm now an official volunteer. Nice!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back from training village

...where a lot happened, but I was not eaten by goats. Or by anything else, except the odd mosquito and (for pretend) my favorite small child, with whom I had the following daily conversation:

Me: Mmm, I am hungry!
Fanta: I am Very hungry!
Me: Where is Fanta??
Fanta: Where is Mamjara?? [that's me, here, now]
Me: Here she is! [Pretend eating.] Mmm, Fanta and rice.
Fanta: [Pretend eating.] Mamjara meat is verrry tasty.
Both: mnam mnam mnam

Um, yes. You have to take what language practice you can get, and all I have to say is, the people of Bumari are remarkably patient with their bumbling Americans.

Anyway, pictures!

At the local football field

My friend Becca on our group's marathon walk

More marathon walk

My house in village (the end with the tie-dye, not the Pokemon.)

I'm back in the capital for the last week of training, so watch this space for updates on the last couple of months.