Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is why my kids are capital-A Awesome

They love Yoshimi.

They admire her capacity for kicking ass (look at the purple hair; the determined expression; the detached robot arms)...

...and her sass. Butt-length pigtails and complicated robot wiring? No problem.

Here we see the narrator looking out of a high-rise in the threatened city, singing to she takes on an evil-natured robot. In terms of voice, action, and point of view, this is probably the most thoughtful piece I've gotten from this kid all year.

It's been a few months since I taught them the song, and I'm still pleased when I put the album on. Their little heads all start bobbing along to the opening hook, and then they start singing along in the middle of writing time.
I'm ridiculously pleased that they all, boys and girls, think she's a hero. Civic responsibility, taking one's vitamins, defending the human race (including boys) - one could find worse role mod els in the pop canon.

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Blair said...

*Update* A small Lebanese child in the class next door was today heard to sing: "Oh Yoshimi... you're my habibi..."
Capital A.